SeaKat’s CBR5 Review #3: Red by Kate SeRine


RedThe “fairy tales re-told” sub-genre has exploded in the last several years. On television, in the movie theater, and most of all on the bookshelf, characters once relegated to Disney animated movies and classic fairy tale compendiums are suddenly pop culture’s favorite offering. I am a huge and mostly unapologetic fan of the genre. I just like my escapism frothy and fantastical sometimes, OK?! Stop judging me!


Anyhoo, when Red, an urban fantasy/romance and fairy tale re-telling by Kate Serine showed up in the Amazon Top 100 Free Book list and showed mostly 4- and 5-star ratings, I was curious to see if the book lived up to the high ratings. Continue reading


SeaKat’s #CBR5 Review #2: Roselynde by Roberta Gellis

I am an avid reader. I am also a cheap bastard. Also, also (not a real phrase, don’t care) I am a Kindle owner. So I think you can see where I’m going with this: The Amazon Top 100 Free Book list. Man, that list has been both a blessing and a curse. I’ve found myself reading such tripe because, well… it was free, and the library is WAAAAAY over there and also closed at 10 PM. But recently the AT100FB (catchy!) showed up with a historical romance blast from the past: Roselynde by Roberta Gellis. So I downloaded it and re-read it for the first time in decades.

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SeaKat’s #CBR5 Review #1: Graceling by Kristin Cashore


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Graceling.  I’d heard this title being bandied about by Pajibans whose taste I admire for some time now. Finally I remembered to request it from my library. Good call, ‘Jibans. I knew I trusted You People for a reason. Graceling … Continue reading