About SeaKat

SeaKat Stabler is the Facebook alter-ego of a rather staid and boring mom of two girls in the Pacific Northwest. When not working, sleeping, or carting her kids somewhere, SeaKat is probably either on Facebook or reading. SeaKat feels a little funny about letting the world know just how many romance novels she actually reads.


One thought on “About SeaKat

  1. Hi SeaKat, I found your blog through twitter and wondered if you’d like to review my Paranormal Romance, ‘The Metamorphosis of Elissa Brown’ which does not focus solely on werewolves or vampyres (I have just read your review for ‘First Grave on the Right’) but explores different ancient creatures and mythical beings (some real and some made up) with the focus on the possible romance between the two central characters. I can send you a gift certificate for a kindle download on Amazon if you’re interested?
    All the best, Becky

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